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Abubakar Hassan

4 189 words

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Translation services

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Personal Details

About me
I am a native somali speaker who is an expert in the translation of english to somali and the vice versa.I have over 9 years experience of working with international organizations and did many translations of different kinds.I have passion for the translation,transcription and interpretation of languages.I don't just translate sentence to sentence,word to word and phrase to phrase but ensure maintenance of the meaning of the context.

Thank you f...


Mt.Kenya University

  • 2016
  • Kenya
  • Social work and community development

Work experience

Psychosocial team leader in Center For victims Of torture(CVT)
from 2014 to Present
-coordination of activities -case management -translations interpretation -clinical assessment -facilitation of therapy session -development of different forms -manual translation -deligation of duties
Rehabilation trainer in Humanity and Inclusion(HI)
from 2012 to 2014
-translation of various assessment forms -interpretation -case managment -medical translation -legal translation