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Aaron Lozano

1 124 words

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Translation services

English Native language  — Spanish

Gaming Products and catalogs Education Marketing, advertising and PR Website Arts and culture General

Translation services

Spanish  — English Native language
  • English (USA)
Test passed
  • Oil and gas Translation

Marketing, advertising and PR Gaming Products and catalogs Website Education Arts and culture Fashion

Personal Details

Mexico, Xalapa, 07:09 am
Native language
Work experience
5 years 5 months
About me
Born in Mexico, raised in the United States. I moved to the U.S. at very early age, because of this I was learning  English not long after I began learning how to speak properly. so my learning experience and abilities with the language are that of native, in the fact that I attended purely English speaking school until the 8th grade after which I moved back to Mexico to reconnect with my family, and even thou I moved back to Mexico i have always...


The Anglo

  • 2017
  • Mexico
  • Specialist
  • Cambridge: Proficient


AIPN Newsletter Translation

  • 2015

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document AIPN Newsletter Translation