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A. Daniel Olsson
A. Daniel Olsson
About me
Fields of expertise: Physics & technology Architecture & construction Theatre, Cinema and Dance Professional Writing practices Academic Research Methodology Certificates: CELPE-BRAS Portuguese proficiency test Linguistics – introduction course – University of Montreal Russian – Intensive course – Lomonosov University, Moscou Life and linguistic experience: I have a varied and rich linguistic experience from many professional areas and from living in the following countries: France, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Argentina, Japan. Professional experience: Supervision of academic research in Humanities (Performing Arts) Independent researcher and freelance writer, published in newspapers and the specialized press in Sweden, Belgium and Canada. Teaching academic Research Methodology and Academic Writing for 10 years. Hobbies/interests: Woodworking, gardening, literature, film, horses, cats.
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Sandberg Marten
Sandberg Marten
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