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Translation from Indonesian to Spanish
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Rosa Mancebo
Rosa Mancebo
Spain, Madrid
About me
I'm a bilingual freelance language professional with a particular interest in the areas of tourism & travel, lifestyle, adventure sports, the ocean, and the tech industry. My services include translation, editing, transcreation, transcription and copywriting.
29 kwords
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1:10 AM Last seen:3 days ago
Azari Perez-Flores
Azari Perez-Flores
Russian Federation
About me
Лингвист-Романист. Испанский и Английский (родные - по отцу и матери), Русский (как родной), а также множество других. Постоянное освоение новых. Работал в иностранных компаниях. С 2000 года работаю на внештатной основе в нескольких переводческих компаниях. Опыт письменных переводов разной тематики. Linguist-Romance. Spanish and English (native - father & mother), Russian (as native), as well as many others. Constant development of new ones. Have worked for foreign companies. Since 2000 I'm working as freelancer in several translation companies. Experience written translations of different subjects.
97%Compliance with deadlines
Based on 30 reviews
1.4 mlnwords
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3:10 AM Last seen:15 hours ago
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