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Certified translation from French to Romanian
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Ioana Cutaru
Ioana Cutaru
Romania, Bragadiru
About me
Translator and interpreter since 2005 - I have translated legal documentation such as memorandums of incorporation, different contracts, statements, powers of attorney. Technical field - technical presentations of different products Correspondence
Certified translation
66 kwords
per word
1:17 AM Last seen:11 hours ago
Alina Albu
Alina Albu
Romania, Sibiu
About me
I've entered the field of translation in 2016 after being involved in other activities after finishing my masters in Translation studies. So, it was somehow going back to my first love. Since that moment translating has become my main activity, working as a freelance translator with agencies and private clients ever since. In this globalized world, when connections are very important in every field, whether we talk about business, travel, private life or medical issue, I feel that translators are that bridge that allow people to get where they need or where they want. The diversity of documents and fields that I have the opportunity to work with as a translator make me appreciate the challenges and enrich my knowledge. One thing is for sure, it is hard to get bored when you are a translator and loving what you o!
Certified translation
626 kwords
per word
3:17 AM Last seen:2 days ago
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