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Simona Celik
Simona Celik
United States of America, Chicago
About me
I was born and raised in Slovenia, where I started learning foreign languages at a very young age. I quickly developed a passion for multiculturalism and cultural competence, and learning and using foreign languages soon became my everyday life. I obtained my undergraduate degree at the University of Ljubljana, with a concentration in International Relations. My studies included a year of study abroad at the University of Copenhagen. My academic success was recognized with the prestigious Prešeren Award by the University of Ljubljana. This is the highest distinction to be given to a student in the field of art and science. The knowledge I gained during my Bachelors Degree created awareness within me of making a bigger difference with my life. I started my advanced academic journey in Chicago, where I earned the Masters of Science in International Public Service. In addition to living in both rural and urban settings, poverty-stricken and rich neighborhoods on three different continent
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