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Sola Agboola
Sola Agboola
Nigeria, Ado Ekiti
About me
I am a freelance translator [English<>Yoruba] and a professional/trained teacher with many years of experience. I also render such other services as proofreading, editing and transcription. I always do quality jobs within reasonable deadlines. Whenever I have any work in my hands, I used to deploy all my efforts to it. So, I can work 24/7 including weekends. I possess customized Yoruba keyboard to ensure high quality work. So, I can place both the lower and upper accents on the translated text. This is a very crucial aspect of Yoruba translation because Yoruba is a highly tonal language. An added advantage is that I have 24/7 internet access. Yoruba language is spoken by tens of millions people worldwide. The native speakers are in south-western Nigeria, east of Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and in other countries like Cuba and Brazil.
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06:58 pm
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