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dirk schmidt
dirk schmidt
Taiwan, Taipei
About me
http://rice.academia.edu/dirkschmidt http://www.cloudedcat.com i DO have my MA in Tibetan Buddhist Studies. however: the unfortunate state of affairs is that, these days, an academic degree in the field of Tibetan Studies (maybe unless it's from INALCO in France) isn't in any way an adequate measure of competency in the language. it wasn't until learning to speak the language (a skill most Tibetan translators never even attempt) that i begin comprehending the language, its cultural intricacies, and developing an ability to use it in communicative contexts. (if you are searching for a Tibetan translator, ask them this question: "Can you speak Tibetan?"). this has become my ongoing education in the language; i work full-time as a linguist and researcher, while moonlighting as a translator—but ONLY on projects i am confident i can complete successfully, and ALWAYS working with a native speaker (esp. for English-to-Tibetan, unless the project is informal correspondence, and not for publication).
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