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Athumani Issa
Athumani Issa
United Republic of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
About me
I am a native Swahili speaker fluent in English with work experiences of over seven years in linguistic fields including translation, editing, proofreading and language teaching. ​Professionally I am a linguist, I have a Bachelor Degree in Language Studies specialising in English and (Ki)Swahili languages. I am capable in translating English<>Swahili.
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13.6 k words 5 projects
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Roger Ndege
Roger Ndege
About me
Of note I have done more than 30 hours of English subtitling using the Aegisub subtitling software creating srt. files for SW19 Translations, and over 150,000 words in English<>Swahili translations for Linguistica International in the general medical field(sensitization articles and treatment agreements) and 40,000 words in English>Luo(Dholuo) translation for Appen and much more. Most recently I have done CCSL scripts Creation on an ongoing movie series for Tvibe. I'm available for both short or long term projects. Willing to take a proficiency test and I consider myself responsible, creative, with initiative and punctuality, I accept with pleasure the challenges and goals that your organization could assign me, with a good handle of the interpersonal relationships, ability to work under high pressure, so as to solve problems efficiently and achieve the goals set by the company.
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