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Thomas Luthi
Thomas Luthi
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London
About me
I was born in Switzerland and grew up bilingually, speaking English and German to a native standard. I studied at the University of Bern and at Cardiff University, graduating with an MA in English Language & Literature and Business Administration in 2014. I worked for the International Office at Bern University, writing and editing texts in German and English and performing services for incoming international students and staff. At the Origen Festival cultural, a dance and theatre festival in the Swiss Alps, I was responsible for customer services, business partner contacts and online presence. Since 2015 I have been active as a freelance translator for various businesses in different sectors, primarily focusing on web content. I am proficient in translating and editing texts in academic, business or creative contexts and I understand the differences in language and tone that are required to adapt a text to its target audience.
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