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Lenci Rosanna
Lenci Rosanna
Ireland, Cork
About me
Colombo Italian LINGUIST AND DESIGNER Honest, Organization Conscious, Entrepreneurial, Responsible, Creative, Innovative, Capacity to focus on internal and external clients and shareholders. 13 years experience in the translation industry. Translator/ Proofreader/ Interpreter/ Transcriber /Subtitler I have experience translating for GOV, NGO and MIL fields apart from: architecture, design, pedagogy, business, communications, technical, technology, literature, medical, culinary. Experience in EU law. As an Interpreter, I have worked for NGOs GOV (Colombia) and Health Services (HSE - Welfare Ireland) A volunteer member of Translators Without Borders providing translation and proofreading services (The Rosetta Foundation-Ireland) and Cara Project-USA providing Conference Call Interpreting. I work in language pairs between EN- ES- IT- FR (plus basic Danish) Translation 8000 words/day Proofreading 11000 words/day this is my linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosannalenci/
0.055 per
846 k words 11 projects
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25 hours ago
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188 words
02:37 pm
Osvaldo Rocha
Osvaldo Rocha
About me
- Native Spanish translator, proofreader and post-editor. - Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. - Areas of expertise: IT, business, marketing, engineering, gaming, manuals, media, government, legal, finance, tourism, literature and education. - 9+ years experience as a freelancer for companies and agencies based in America, Europe and Asia.
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518 words
10:37 pm
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