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Editing from Danish to French
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Nils Freund
Nils Freund
Norway, Oslo
About me
My career has led me to the study of politics in the international milieu after one year in marketing and management. An interactive part of a job is a major bonus for me, as I see my communication skills as one of my highlights. My attribute to speak 3 languages fluently (French, English and Norwegian), as well as six years with Spanish in school, and four years of German at university, has helped me to adapt quickly to different environments or work ethics. Raised in a French family surrounded by the Scandinavian culture has given me the ability to get the best from both worlds, as I see the Scandinavian part of me as the disciplined and self-reliable side, and the French as the cultural and self-confident. My own cosmopolitan background and analytical interests in other cultures, together with a command of several European languages, have also left me confident in handling negotiations that require the reconciliation of different national approaches to otherwise common problems.
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Erling Prevost
Erling Prevost
France, Paris
About me
After 15 years in the Film and TV industries as an author and director, I'm now using my writing skills to translate other people's ideas. Well, that's the idea, right ?
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8:28 AM
iza Bel
iza Bel
About me
I'm a translator, writer and digital creator
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8:28 PM
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