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Phillip Taylor
Phillip Taylor
Italy, Florence
About me
I'm a Chinese>English translator with a background in social science, linguistics, language pedagogy, and business administration. With more than 10 years working for Chinese organizations, I’ve faced and overcome countless challenges in translation. I find Carl Fordham’s three-stage translation method particularly useful in my day-to-day work. This method helps me to produce accurate translations that read as if written by a native speaker of English. I specialize in legal documents and academic manuscripts, but please do reach out for other types of translation, as I always enjoy learning more! I am always taking online courses and attending workshops to improve my skill set. Right now I’m working on CAT tools, game localization and website translation. Let me put this passion and expertise to work for you!
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17 hours ago
Joey Zhao
Joey Zhao
United States of America
About me
I am a native Chinese and English speaker. For now, I am very confident to listen, read and write in Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English, I can also read and write a small amount of Spanish. I have almost 5 years of experience as a translator. I worked part-time on Fiverr.com and for many game developers to translate their game into Chinese(S+T)/ English. As for a hobby, I helped the Google Translate Community to improve their translations for free. As a result, I both gain a large amount of experience and help others who need this. I recently started to translate some Chinese light novel for fun and really enjoyed it.
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04:49 am
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