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Haren William
Haren William
Spain, Alcala de henares
About me
I came a little late to translating... I spent a few years trying out different careers. I worked as a legal assistant, a bookkeeper, an office manager, an HR representative, even a restaurant manager... all before I found my calling. While I sometimes wish I had gotten into translation sooner, I'm thankful that I was able to experience such a wide variety of positions. It makes me a stronger translator, as I'm well versed in the vocabulary used in such widely different positions. Now, I'm able to put all of those various skills to use, helping others to communicate with the best, most natural translations possible.
Time Management
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27 k words 13 projects
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2 days ago
Camden Bowman
Camden Bowman
United States of America, Kalamazoo
About me
I have been translating since 2009. I am a native English speaker with a BA in Spanish Translation, a BS in Behavioral Sciences and an MA in International Development Studies. I have spent time living and working in various places and languages, and have both translation and practical working experience in French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.
0.088 per
330 k words
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35 hours ago
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