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Use industry-leading translation automation technologies without any license payments

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Boost profitability: centralization of TMs, glossaries and smart workflows increases leverage, reduces costs

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Save time on project management and payments

110k+ translators

Find the best translators and editors for new projects and make payments through platform

How smartCAT streamlines
the translation process


Create a new project and assign tasks for each stage of the workflow


Your team translates in a state-of-the art CAT tool


Manage the translation process online


Receive translations and make payments

Advanced project management

Centralize all tasks and keep your human and linguistic resources at your fingertips. Smart workflows result in a simpler, smoother translation process, reduces errors and forgotten tasks, and saves clicks and overall time spent.

Convenient payments

Make payments to translators directly through smartCAT. No need to do multiple transactions and track everything by hand.


All projects are protected in your secure account. Information is encrypted — a major advantage over e-mail. Only people with the right credentials can access your data.

Support for more than 30 formats, including PDF files and scans

smartCAT has built-in advanced OCR technologies. No need to reformat or install extra software for handling non-editable formats.

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Our experts can help you to get started with smartCAT, optimize business processes, pick the best translation teams, and boost profitability in a way that gives your business more opportunities than ever before.

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