September 9, 10 am–10 pm UTC


The Online Language Industry Conference

Chapter II. Localization as a Living Organism

In the second installment of our conference, we’re taking a holistic approach to translation and localization by examining the most pressing industry challenges from a novel, organic perspective.

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What’s it all about?

In translation and localization, we’re so often fixated on our day-to-day tasks that we forget to look at the sum of all the parts of our business put together. If you stop to look at the big picture, you’ll actually see a complex, living organism.

From the executive brain centers, through the nerves of localization engineering, to the muscles of individual productivity — it moves, breathes, and tirelessly adapts to the ever-changing environment of global demand.

What if we take this holistic approach and tackle the challenges in our industry as if we were healing a delicate organism — or making a healthy one become even stronger?



Inside its quirky brain, Inky is a true warrior. It knows exactly where to find the right food and how to scare away the predators. Do you? Join this track to discuss how to:

Choose the right niche as a language service provider

Find clients that you will not regret having later

Work with vendors that will not let you down


This cephalopod can only be as fast as its limbs, so Inky makes sure these are fast and deadly. What about you? Here, we’ll talk about:

Tools and hacks to increase individual productivity

Machine translation, post-editing, and other time savers

Collaboration and communication best practices


However smart and fast, Inky would be dead without its super-efficient nerves that make sure its many brains operate in sync. In this track, we’ll discuss:

Sequential and continuous localization scenarios

Intricacies of localizing software and mobile apps

Complex AI and machine learning scenarios


Last but not least, Inky the Octopus needs to stay aware of its surroundings and what dangers or potential opportunities lie ahead. And so do you. Tune in for the latest on:

Current trends within and outside the language industry

Recent events: Threats and opportunities

Localization industry insights from investors


Anca Greve

Senior Localization Manager

Robert O'Keefe

Senior Program Manager, Globalization

Adam Asnes


Don DePalma

Chief Research Officer

Kathrin Bussmann

President & Chief Strategist

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What people made of our first LocFromHome

Btw great production values there with Zoom, the format, the schedule, and the moderator. Great job, very professional!

Don DePalma

Don DePalma

CSA Research

Great day, great speakers, thank you for organising, Smartcat!

Alina Kulinska-Vnucak

Alina Kulinska-Vnucak

Radisson Hotel Group

I must say that this was the most expertly crafted online conference that I have ever seen.

Gary Lefman

Gary Lefman


Tons of insight from great speakers from around the world from the localization industry.

Jan Hinrichs

Jan Hinrichs

Beluga & LocLunch

Brilliant idea, great content and nice execution.

Sabina Jasinska

Sabina Jasinska

GALA and Translation Commons

A great idea with creating a Slack channel that we can continue using :) Thank you for that!

Tina Kok

Tina Kok - Translations

Wonderful discussion of the current situation related to the language industry!

Julia Goncharik

Julia Goncharik

WGE Language Consultancy

Thanks to all the speakers, to the people behind the scenes, to Smartcat!

Soeren Eberhardt

Soeren Eberhardt


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