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How Smartcat streamlines game localization

Easily create projects in a web interface or do it automatically via an API and handle all your localization resources in one place.
Provide your translators with context material like game terminology and screenshots.
Use your own translation teams or create a new one by finding available talent on the Smartcat Marketplace.
Manage your translation process online and track the progress in real time.
Get completed translations via the web interface or API.
Making great games can’t be automated. Localization can. And for that, there’s Smartcat.

Advanced-level collaboration

Any number of users can work on your project in real time, with full access to relevant glossaries and translation memories. Translators can send questions related to specific strings or documents, while game designers or localization managers can easily add answers, screenshots, or term descriptions.

Editors can correct translations on the fly without waiting for translators to deliver the entire file. All the magic happens in real time, helping you reduce turnaround times while receiving stylistically and terminologically consistent localizations.


Using the correct terminology is critical for game localizations. With Smartcat, you can easily manage game terminology using glossaries. Translators can suggest new terms, and you can accept or decline their suggestions. You can also blacklist certain terms to make sure they are not used in translation.

As a result, your Magic Sword remains Magic Sword everywhere: in item lists, mission descriptions, achievement titles, and even in your merchandise descriptions.

Everything in one place

No matter what type of content you have: app texts, help articles, web pages, legal documents, app descriptions, or community announcements — you keep all things translated in one place.

As a result, your users get consistent content across all platforms, and your game characters have the same names whether it’s an Xbox title or an iPhone app.

Play with teams of your choice

Add all your translation teams to a single environment: in-house translators, freelancers, translation agencies. Want to extend your teams or add new languages? Find new talent on the Smartcat Marketplace. No more black boxes — the whole process is fully transparent.

Convenient payouts

Smartcat offers centralized payment management. Project managers no longer need to track and monitor payments manually. You can pay your translators or translation agencies right from your Smartcat account — with one wire or bank card transfer for all outstanding payments!


Your data is protected and encrypted. You have full control over user permissions and can configure them flexibly. Only you decide who can see, edit, and manage your project resources.

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