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I am Tevfik Server, a sworn translator. I work with Turkish-Russian translation pair. I am 38 years old. My experience covers more than 18 years of practice and tens of thousands of written and oral translations. My mission is to perform my work in such a way as to deliver benefits to my clients. I am strongly convinced that ignorance of language shall not be an obstruction to their personal, professional and career progress, that's why I am always there, where my help is needed. I live in Ankara, Turkey. I have been working as a translator since 1999. I work with Yandex and CROC, which are IT leaders of the Russian market. My clients is Akkuyu Nuclear, Cengiz Holding and more... The most part of translations consists of audit reports, articles of association, contracts, powers of attorney, construction projects, instructions; in the last time, especially in the last two years, I work mostly on different IT projects. I frequently translate tender documents as well. I had a great opportunity to work at the long-term project with Yanus for translation of documentary films for TV-channel Russian Travel Guide. It was very interesting experience, which gave me a chance to enhance my weaker sides at that time. I have my own formula for success. It is hard working multiplied by friendliness, diligence, positive attitude and... smile. So then, if you visited my site in the hope of finding a translator, you may be sure – you have found him! All my clients appreciate quality and time accuracy in my work. I shall be glad to help you. Yours sincerely, Tevfik Server

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