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Markus Bergmann
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Born 1972 in Aurich, Germany. Married, a bilingual son (born in 1996). Education/University Studies: 1992-1998 University of Groningen / Netherlands: Scandinavian languages and cultures / Swedish Slavic languages and literature / Russian General linguistics and Translation studies 1998-2005 Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), The Hague / Netherlands: and Institute of the Peoples of the North, St Petersburg: Research projects: - The difference between translation, localization and transcreation - Language Contact / Multilingual childhood education 1998-now Freelance translator and interpreter - Since 1998 freelance translator for agencies in Europe/America/Asia - Since 1999 sworn translator and interpreter authorized by Lower Saxony (Germany) for German, English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian Languages: German (native), English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian (fluent) French, Spanish (good-very good)

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