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Lillyan Dulic
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After many years in the Court Translations, Interpreting, Proof Reading, Voice Over Talent Recordings. Multilingual solutions for cross-border communication get you wide opportunities - Translations with seal or without seal, Online learning, Marketing Media Presentation or Internet mp3 or video presentation for your business in different languages. Business Correspondence and Interpreting with your Partners, Expert Witness Expertize, if you wish invest your capital in other country - get credit, leasing or you need and official Expert Meaning for the Court or Tax Agency. Offered simultaneous interpreting for: Swedish-Serbian, Swedish-Bosnian, Swedish-Croatian, Croatian-Swedish, Bosnian-Swedish, Serbian-Swedish English-Bosnian, German-Bosnian, English-Serbian, German-Serbian, English-Croatian Business meetings - simultaneous translations and business correspondence Presence at Wedding Ceremony or at Notaries Public Help in International Law between countries Online classes and courses Working method : It depends of the kind text for written translation, pair of languages, with seal, without seal... Per word - 0.10-0.15 / Euro www.courttranslator-swedish-english-serbian less Additional: My daily job as a Linguist and a Court Certified Translator is translation many different types of text for companies, central and local government, as well as private individuals from Swedish and English to Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian. From Bosnian to Swedish, Serbian to Swedish, Croatian to Swedish as English. Native languages: Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian - Croatian, German Betyg&Intyg Översättningar (certificates and letters of reference) specializes in the translation of various types of documents and certificates from schools, public authorities, employers, etc. Mostly all kind technical and official documents from German to Serbian Bosnian Croatian. As business agreements and business correspondence between clients as marketing voice over talent presentations. Feel free to contact me and get your online translator and interpreter or only one experienced Engineer for your growing business. Willing to make long term contracts with my partners. Intensive seeker and very interested in a job contract to work and move somewhere outside my country. Feel free to contact me trough me on smart cat and my web site www.courttranslator-swedish-english-serbian.com

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