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Sarah Ludemann
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I was born in Cologne, Germany, lived in Venezuela as a toddler, spent my teenage years on a farm in the Northern German countryside and then studied Fine Art, English Literature, Linguistics, Sociology and Pedagogy at Cologne University, Germany. I studied abroad both in Cambridge (UK) (English Language Teaching, Literature) and in Oslo (NO) (Fine Art). After completing my degree in 2005, my passion for languages and other cultures led me to live in Norway, Italy, England and Holland, where I worked as a tutor for Foreign Languages, Art History, Critical Thinking, Media Studies and Academic Writing. In 2010 I received a scholarship to study on the MA Fine Art Course at Central Saint Martins, London, from which I graduated with Distinction in September 2011. My master thesis focused on real/fictional identity. I am bilingual German/English, fluent in Norwegian, speak conversational Italian and have basic knowledge of Dutch, Latin, French and Spanish. The translation and text writing work I did over the last 2 years was specialized in the broader field of The Arts. Fields of personal interest are anthropology, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. Clients a.o. are Cookies Event & Catering, Berlin / Maximilian Magnus, stage design & art / Rogerio Mesquita Photography NY / IFNAT / Tomislav S Vukic, artist / Proquest Learning and Information / BWS Technologies, Cambridge / Lovis Dengler, photography

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