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Mariya Kosinova
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Having taken a Master’s Degree in International Administration Strategy at one of the top Universities in South Korea, and having worked as part of a multinational team on a major construction project, I am always looking for opportunities to develop my career and my experience of other markets further. I consider myself creative, driven, self-motivated, goal-oriented, flexible, and I am organized and always willing to learn more. I am equally happy working autonomously as well as in team. Naturally curious, I have very strong analytical skills and have the ability to see opportunities where others see obstacles. Living in Korea for over 7 years, and working with a Canadian company for the last 2 years have developed my understanding of different cultures, traditions and ways of doing business, and made me more globally aware. I strongly believe that my qualifications and my education, along with my personal desire to succeed would be invaluable for any multinational or global organization.

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