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Laura Arias Moreno
Time Managment
$0.044 per
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Spanish (Spain)
I am a Major in English, also Japanese-speaking (JPLT - Level 2), used to Customer Service and administrative environments. I have more than four years of experience as a translator and proofreader from Japanese and English to Spanish, translating manga or Japanese animation and comics to Spanish, also texts or websites. I have also collaborated in anime or Japanese animation translation processes close to other translators, and in EN-ES translation projects for individuals or localization companies. I have experience as a Localisation QA tester, too. I have worked for SEGA OF EUROPE as a Spanish Localisation QA in the project TOTAL WAR: ROME II,proofreading in-game texts and checking localised packaging to Spanish.I also tested titles as JUST DANCE RIO and CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION 2 for Localsoft (Málaga, Spain). About IT Skills, I have a good command of Windows and Microsoft Office (specially Word and Excel, my usual tools as a tester and as a translator).

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