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Isilay Ekin
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I am a Turkish native translator with degrees in medicine (more than 10 years of experience in ophthalmology), interior architecture and art conservation&restoration. I started to work as a translator when I moved to Italy in 2011 and it became my fulltime occupation in 2012. I have an advanced level of English thanks to my high school, TED Ankara College, where I started to learn English at the age of 7. It also enabled me to gain a perfect knowledge of Turkish in every aspect. I learned Italian language later on at the Italian Institute of Istanbul, and during 4 years of residency and studies in Italy it became almost like my native language. I have a perfect diction of Italian and I work as an interpreter as well. I improved my knowledge of Spanish by myself, took the DELE exam and now I am living in Spain. In English-Turkish pair I mostly work on medical articles, scientific texts, manuals, pharmaceutics, whereas for Italian-Turkish and Spanish-Turkish pair I have no limits, including literature. Translated books: ICAO Manual of Civil Aviation Medicine (225000 w, EN-TR, see my "projects" section) Una Cornice Imperfetta (13346 w, IT-TR novel) Mai più di due Volte (18141 w, IT-TR novel) Parole dall'Aldilà (31700 w, IT-TR novel) Tutte le cose al loro posto (23000 w, IT-TR novel) A double-check prior to delivery is a must for me. My precision and professionalism is due to my personality which was sculpted during the years that I passed at the medical school. The other degrees I obtained and my experiences in different cities added many benefits to my professional life, making me an open-minded, colorful and international person.

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