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• Master of Arts in Public Administration, Ravishankar University, Chattisgarh, June 1972. • Bachelor of General Law, University of Mysore, Karnataka, June 1977 • PG Diploma in Labour Laws and Administrative Law, Annamalai University, June 1982 • PG Diploma in Social Work (Labour Welfare), Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, University of Calcutta, West Bengal, May 1984 • Bachelor of Science, Hislop College, Nagpur University, April1965 1. Meritoriously completed a three-month long program for Senior Managers in the Commonwealth region in the areas of HRD, HRM, and IR, conducted by Templeton College, Oxford, UK in December 1989. 2. I have a certificate issued by the Tamil Testing Body for passing their examination in Tamil in I class. 3. Throughout my study from elementary level to Masters level and beyond, I had studied in English as such there was no need for me to have a separate certificate for proficiency in English. Hindi was studied up to graduate level and all along I had been interacting in Hindi throughout my service tenure.

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