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Bjorn Holm
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Do you need natural-sounding, seamlessly flowing content adapted to a Swedish audience? You're in luck. I have experience translating, localizing and/or copywriting websites, advertisements, CV:s, dictionaries, and texts about history and literature. I have worked with companies within the fields of medicine, IT, e-commerce, tourism, and economy. I avoid word-for-word translations. Having honed my stylistic chops through studies in Creative Writing and Swedish Literature, I have an ideal skill set for localizing and selling your content to a Swedish target audience. My proficiency in English, Spanish and German is the fruit of my extensive international experience. I have lived for half a year in Ireland, two years in Spain, and I am currently on my fourth year in Germany. I have studied at university level in all four of my languages, earning top grades. My clients are usually particularly satisfied with my attention to detail. In my translation work, I tend to find things to improve in the source text. All too often, I see otherwise acceptable texts being ruined by poor punctuation, incorrect use of prepositions or imperfect word choices. When I am not busy perfecting your texts, I am writing my M.A. thesis in Global History at the Free University of Berlin. My studies have given me the opportunity to work with historical sources from a wide range of linguistic contexts. In addition to my main languages, I am happy to translate your French, Portuguese and Italian texts.

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