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Evija Schwarz
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Native German and Latvian - fluent in English and Dutch. I have gained valuable work experience in the field of medical translations being part of the internal translation group for the Quality Assurance department of a leading multinational medical organization translating from English to German. My translation experience includes translating websites for an IT company from Dutch to English and a language travel agency from Dutch to German and English. Throughout my studies of International Business and Languages (Dutch, English, Spanish and French) I have acquired valuable translation skills translating economic, finance and business related texts as well as business letters. I have obtained professional training as a Bilingual Secretary (German-English) in Germany and I am certified by the British-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Having grown up bilingually, I have always had a passion for learning languages and other cultures from an early age and I have lived, studied and worked in different countries for many years (including the Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and most recently New Zealand). This has greatly helped me to perfect my language skills. All my work is done with high attention to detail, meeting deadlines at all times and I strive to deliver the utmost quality for every project. I look forward to hearing from you!

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