Korean translators/copywriters needed

Korean translators/copywriters needed

Posted: Nov 29, 2016 01:08 Expiration: Jan 01, 2017 03:00
Dear all,

We are looking for experienced English into Korean translators and copywriters specialised in creative translations to work for one of our big clients that is a global luxury brand. The project is expected to go ahead early next year and it will involve advertising material including TV scripts and print copies. The subject matter of the copy can be watchmaking, luxury, sports events, golf, tennis, equestrian, motorsports, culture, exploration etc. The nature of the copy may vary for all markets but we usually work on the following:

30” TV commercial
Print – headline + body copy. Length of the copy may vary from 50 to 100 words.

Is this something that interests you and are able to do?

If yes, please send me your CV asap at [HIDDEN] Could you please let me know if you have experience in transcreation for luxury brands? If yes, could you please send me your rates for the below services?

60” TVC (per job)
30” TVC (per job)
<20”TVC (per job)
Print ad – headline & body copy (per job)
Headline (per job)
Body copy (per job)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

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