Sales training manual, 20K words to proofread

Sales training manual, 20K words to proofread

Posted: Nov 29, 2016 04:13 Expiration: Dec 05, 2016 03:00
Hello Khmer translators

I am in need of a proofreader to revise about additional 20K translation. Please provide your proofreading quote for 20K.

The text is a sales training manual for sales people to sell a drink product. The translator selected in previous round is about to complete the translation.

The primary task of the proofreader is to focus on accuracy and consistency. (S)he also needs to check for typos/style and make sure that the Khmer formatting stays the same as original English (which it should when the job done by translator is decent).

Payment is 30 days after submitting invoice. The earliest time to invoice is about 10 days after submitting proofread result. This is to allow time for adjustment as there will be 2 levels of checking/querying: from me and from client's linguistic manager. If requested, I will do direct bank transfer and only pay for transferring cost, you might need to check with your bank if they charge a receiving cost.

Candidates will need to take a test of 330 words. I can only shortlist agencies if a blind CV is provided as all candidates would need to take a test and I won’t be able to give the test without CV.

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