50K sales manual to translate from English to Bahasa Indonesia

50K sales manual to translate from English to Bahasa Indonesia

Posted: Nov 25, 2016 05:55 Expiration: Dec 05, 2016 03:00
Hello speakers of Bahasa Indonesia

I have been asked once more to translate this sales manual (to sell a drink product) from English to Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). This is the 6th language to translate into for this document. There would be about 50K words to translate first and potentially there would be more to follow, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Payment is 30 days after submitting invoice. The earliest time to invoice is about 12 days after submitting translation. This is to allow time for adjustment as there will be 2 levels of checking/querying: from us and from client's linguistic manager.

I am shortlisting candidates to find a translator and a proofreader, someone who understands English perfectly and a fluent writer of Bahasa Indonesia. Candidates should also be thorough and have enough techniques to control quality and consistency.

If you are available and interested, please CV and let me know:

a) Translation rate for over 50 000 words
b) Proofreading rate for over 50 000 words

If your rate works for this project I will be in touch. A test piece of 350 words is required. Deadline is agreeable between successful translator, proofreader and client. Only successful candidates are paid for the test.

If you have sent your CV previously for a small job, you can resend again as that small job did not go ahead. Please note that blank CVs are required from agency candidates

Any queries please feel free to Viber me 0044 77 12 19 11 00 or Email: [HIDDEN]

Kind regards, Nam Vo Project Manager,

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