Eng to Jap translators for a large project from one of our Financial Client

Eng to Jap translators for a large project from one of our Financial Client

Posted: Nov 23, 2016 11:49 Expiration: Dec 07, 2016 07:00
Dear Vendor/Translator,

My name is Ronald To and I am the Associate Director (Vendor Relationship and Quality) of an LSP based in Hong Kong called Mind Your Language (MYL). We are currently looking for English to Japanese Translators for a large project from one of our Financial Client. Please kindly see the information for this project below and let me know if you are interested to work with us.

Client Background: Our client is a global leader in producing equity and fund research and is looking to expand their presence in Asia by providing translation of select equity research reports. MYL has successfully won the business from the client for Chinese translation and the Client is now looking to expand the service offering to cover Japanese.

Project Background: The Client produces research reports on a large number of stocks globally. Their analysts produce the reports in English a day or two after the company reports earnings and the requirement is for select reports to be translated in Japanese within 1-2 working days after the English.

Volume and Turnaround Time Requirements: At this moment the exact volume requirement from the Client is not known but for Chinese, we are currently producing 100 reports per quarter or just under 100,000 words of translation per quarter. The expectation for Japanese will be similar and there is the potential for this requirement to grow in the future. The Client is expecting reports to be returned in 1-2 working days after receipt (i.e. a report picked up at 9am on Monday would be returned by 9am or 5pm on Tuesday). If you are selected for this project, you can expect the work will be allocated to you for a minimum of one year.

Important Notes
- Unfortunately the Client is not able to provide a fixed schedule as the date when English reports are created is dependent on when the company releases its earnings. However, when the stocks that require translation are set, MYL will be able to provide a tentative schedule based on previous reporting periods that can serve as a guideline

- The Client will provide a glossary that will be initially translated by the vendor and approved by the Client prior to work starting.

- Prior to starting the scheduled work, the Client will also provide approximately three weeks to translate a series of reports where feedback and comments from the Client’s Japanese anaylsts will be provided. This will provide you the opportunity to complete a batch of work without time constraints and process the Client’s feedback

- Usage of TM and TB is essential, both to enforce the glossary stated above, and to apply the Client’s preferences for certain phrase that are not in the glossary initially

If you are interested and you think you are able to handle this project:
1. Please confirm your interest in this project and ability to handle the scope

2. Please state the maximum number of words that you can produce per working day (the target is 3-4,000 words per working day) and whether you will be able to achieve this volume with limited notice.

3. If additional notice is required, please advise how quickly you can produce your maximum output in words per working day (i.e. If work is received on Monday at 9am, the earliest we can return the first batch would be Wednesday at 9am, but following that if work is received consistently we can return 3-4,000 words per working day).

4. Please confirm your expected rate for this project in USD per English source word and your discount for full repetition. No discounts for fuzzy matches are required.

Thank you very much and look forward to receive your reply!

Best regards,
Ronald To
Associate Director – Vendor Relationship and Quality
Tel: +852 2526 2009
Fax: +852 2526 0974

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