Tigrinya interpretation for refugees (EN or RU or LV)

Tigrinya interpretation for refugees (EN or RU or LV)

Posted: Nov 17, 2016 04:25 Expiration: Dec 20, 2016 01:00
Our client has warned us about upcoming interpretation requests for Tigrinya language, so we are looking for Tigrinya interpreters for short- or long-term cooperation.

The interpretations can be delivered via Skype or - if you are located in Latvia - in person. The interpretations are required for refugees seeking asylum in Latvia.

The possible language combinations are as follows:
a) Tigrinya-English-Tigrinya;
b) Tigrinya-Russian-Tigrinya;
c) Tigrinya-Latvian-Tigrinya.

If you are interested in providing interpretations in either of these language combinations, please contact me via e-mail, attaching a CV and approximate price rate in Euros. Quotes for written translation are accepted as well.

Thank you!

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