Become one of our partners!

Become one of our partners!

Posted: Nov 15, 2016 08:46 Expiration: Dec 31, 2016 03:00

It is nice to e-meet you. My name is Juliette Tanarro and I am the Program Manager of one of Moravia’s fastest growing account, localizing into tens of languages for one the world’s most dynamic companies. As part of our expansion, we are looking to create new partnerships with professionals around the globe. We hope that this post will catch your attention and will be the start of a fruitful cooperation.

Our client is quickly expanding, and the range and the scope of services we are providing is booming. In this context, we provide services for a large variety of types of contents, such as : gaming, marketing, logistics, cloud computing, website, customer service, devices UI and fashion. We are often facing demands for hundreds of thousands or millions of words to be turned around in tight deadlines, on top of traditional localization projects; and this is why we want to rely on trusted partnerships. These projects are handled by our team of Project Managers around the globe, and supported by our Language Leads and Linguistic Services Department who will collaborate closely with your translators during all the phases of the projects. Moravia also offers training during the onboarding process.

Besides Human Translation, we are looking for new partners for Machine Translation Post Editing (Full and Light), LQA, Transcreation.

If your company provides the above mentioned services, please send an email to [HIDDEN] providing answers to the questions below:

1- Name and address of the company:

2- Number of translators as of today:

3- Services provided (HT/MTPE/LQA/ Transcreation):

4- Language pairs handled and volume capacity per day (HT/LQA/Transcreation):

5- CAT tools your translators are proficient with:

6- Quickly describe your quality control process:

7- Estimate of your maximum daily capacity for special projects:

8- Anything you would like to share with us:

We are looking forward to receiving your answer and starting a conversation with your company. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any question you may have. Once we receive the answers to the questions above, and a NDA is signed, we would be able to provide further details on the content, process, tools and payment conditions.

Best regards,


Since we are receiving many answers, responses might be delayed several weeks.
Some language pairs are more urgent than others and some won't start until early 2017.
Please excuse us if the answer is not immediate. thank you for your patience.

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