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French to English Translation of ABA, Applied Beh. Analysis, Lovaas treatment

Posted: Nov 14, 2016 07:04
We would like to have judgements that specify the following:

1) Rights of Autistic children to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) treatment.

These judgements would most likely be against school districts and Health Insurance companies.

2) Also, any judgements which are against government statutes on Inclusion and non-discrimination based on the mental health of an individual.

If you can find enough judgments that actually use the word "ABA" or "Applied Behaviour Analysis", "Intensive Behavioral Treatment" or "Lovaas", then we do not need any other judgments.   We would be very surprised if you found more than a dozen (although we would be very happy about this).

What we do NOT want is the following:
1) Judgments about family custody battles;
2) Judgments about abuse of people with autism in care.
We would need judgements in both English and the language of the province in which the judgement was made.   I realize that there are many languages in use in India.  I hope that whomever responds to this job post is able to translate at least 3 of the languages please.  Regards, Beverley Sharpe  FEATBC  Families for Early Autism Treatment of B.C.

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