Language Translation Lead for Estonian

Language Translation Lead for Estonian

Posted: Nov 14, 2016 04:28 Expiration: Dec 01, 2016 03:00
About the Opportunity:
We currently have opportunities available for Freelance Language translation Team Leads with solid in-depth knowledge of Translation domains including proficiency in Translation tools & Technology. This individual must be meticulous, deadline-orientated, self-motivated, have demonstrated initiative and drive; and, excellent listening, oral and written English communication skills. The TL must be a native speaker of the [Estonian], able to discuss complex linguistic matters and with in-depth knowledge of the grammar, punctuation and spelling rules of this language. Excellent command of standard terminology and approved sources of linguistic knowledge, including latest developments is a must. The ideal candidate must have demonstrated experience driving initiatives, pro-actively identifying areas for improvement and achieving/maintaining high language quality. The TL should advise the team on how to assign high visibility projects, etc. but will not do the assigning himself. This position is a highly visible customer facing and relationship building role and you will have day-to day communication with clients and interaction with other members of the divisions. This position will represent Lionbridge in front of our client’s Language Specialist and/or client’s Lead Linguist and function as their main point of contact.

About the Job:
● Establish and maintain good working relationship with the client’s Language Specialist and/or Lead Linguist
● Maintain language-specific linguistic knowledge
● Function as the main source of current knowledge on the conventions of the target language for translators and other Lionbridge team members;
● Based on the client’s feedback and requirements develop a clear definition of the language style and instruct translators accordingly remain up to date with the quality provided by the translation teams.
● Analyze results of quality audits, identify trends and areas for improvement
● Devise and roll out initiatives for or actively participate in resolving quality issues and, when required, provide support to the Lionbridge Project Team in gathering the necessary information for a Root Cause Analysis and preventative actions.
● Assist translators in the processes relating to the client’s quality feedback.
● Evaluate, document and distribute the client’s review feedback to the translation teams.
● On request of the Lionbridge Project Team, perform a full review or spot-check on translations and makes sure that these match the client’s quality requirements.
● Schedule and coordinate regular calls/meetings with the client’s representative and with (representatives of) the translation teams.
● Resolve and document linguistic queries from the client’s Language Specialist and/or client’s Lead Linguist.
● Support translators in resolving linguistic queries.
● Organize and hold training sessions for translation teams on style requirements, terminology changes and other linguistic matters.
● Actively participate in improving processes and tools for achieving language quality goals.
● Monitor quality results of the Lionbridge translation teams.
● Monitor activity and responsiveness of the translation teams.
● Pro-actively inform Lionbridge Project Team of any emerging quality issues, advice on necessary translator-team adjustments.
● Pro-actively inform the project team of any important events, calls, quality concerns, etc.

About You:
● BA/BS Degree or equivalent business experience.

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