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Written English to Simplified Chinese Translation (Yoga/ Events Related Experience Preferred)

Posted: Nov 14, 2016 07:13
Good and experienced translator, preferred with experience or familiar with yoga industry and background/ events/ conferences background preferred but not necessary.

Example what you will be translating: www.asiayogaconference.com
Budget for this project to be further discussed.


Please send in a sample of your translation for below when submitting:

Restoration for Spiritual Motivation
We will explore the use of asana and pranayama to cultivate rasayana. The classical yoga model provides specific practices to increase ojas and establish the mind in sattva guna. Learn about the power that asana and pranayama have to induce relaxation and balance majja dhatu. Additional points of discussion include snehana, svedhana, yogic marma chikitsa, mantra and meditation. The response to such practices is essentially a deep state of relaxation and awareness.

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