Uzbek translation needed

Uzbek translation needed

Posted: Nov 13, 2016 08:32
I have a technical document that I need to have translated into perfect Uzbek.  It is regarding the viewing of the total solar eclipse that will be visible in the USA next year.  I need this to be perfect, as though it were originally written in Uzbek.

I will provide you with the English original, and would like to work with you to create the perfect Uzbek translation.

The job is 10 pages, about 3,000 words. Much of it is repetitive, but there are key technical details that must be perfect.  I will explain these to the shortlisted candidates.

To be selected, you must be NATIVE speaker of Uzbek, and you must show me a portfolio of technical translations into Uzbek that you have done.  Please do not bid if you cannot provide either of these, or if you are a translation company.

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