English- Japanese Amazon Listing Translation

English- Japanese Amazon Listing Translation

Posted: Nov 10, 2016 09:45
We are a China based online trading company. We've been selling on Amazon and ebay for years. Currently we are willing to spread our business to Japan. Since our listings are in Japanese, we are looking for some contractors who can do long term translation cooperation.

Job requirement:
1. Expert level in Japanese and English
2. Interested in Consumer Electronics
3. Familiar with Amazon
4. Good Excel skills would be an advantage

The main job is translating English titles & descriptions & bullet points to Japanese. We can provide you as many info as possible.

We don't count by words, as they are electronic products, many of them are similar just color or else difference. Besides, a lot of words can be the same as in English like Apple,Samsung,etc.. The price is $ 1.5- $2 per listing.

We are looking for long time cooperation as we have about 100 listings weekly.

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