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Translations English-Italian: product descriptions, articles - interior design, bathroom ware

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 05:45
We need a professional translator English to Italian that will translate texts related to interior design and sanitary ware manufacturing sector.

The starting remuneration is 0.04$/word, easily increased to 0.06-0.08$/word if you make us happy, meaning:
- work done flawlessly from the first time (no grammatical mistakes, no repeating words, no stylistic errors)
- text is not simply translated word-to-word, but adapted to Italian language, so that it is easily and correctly understood by native Italian speakers.
- the work done within the agreed time.

On our side, we will do everything to facilitate translator's work and quickly answer any questions he/she would have about us or our products, so that neither parts loose time correcting and re-doing tasks. If we are happy with the work done, we will definitely provide more work on a continuous basis.

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