E-commerce project looks for Italian to French translators

E-commerce project looks for Italian to French translators

Posted: Nov 07, 2016 06:27
I am Emanuele from Frenzy Foods, a new e-commerce company specialized in high quality sweets.

Please read and understand carefully this job posting before applying for the job.

We are looking for professional Italian-to-French translators for a long term working relationship. The candidates will need to be exclusively a French native speakers and have demonstrable experience, professionalism and proficiency in their field. Specialization in e-commerce and/or marketing will be highly valued.

Your main duties will be translating content related to our activity (such as product descriptions, marketing materials, technical documents about our products etc.) but it will not be limited to these activities.

The candidates will need to understand and share the values and philosophy of our company, to learn the way our project works and the general features and structure of our activity - not only what is strictly related to the translations.

The ones who will be chosen will authentically enter our team and occasionally participate in our discussions and meetings.

The hiring process will include a small trial job.

Please apply ONLY if you are: an experienced and professional translator, a French native speaker and if you are available for a long-term relationship.

Use this application as an opportunity to speak about yourself, to show you understood this posting and to explain why you think you are a good candidate!

We look forward receiving and reading your applications,


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