Translation EN<->CH, recurrent job, on daily basis

Translation EN<->CH, recurrent job, on daily basis

Posted: Nov 07, 2016 08:39

We are in need of quick and quality translator that can do translation CH-EN and vice versa.
We're small company that process certain financial information and distribute to our client base.
So, what we need from candidate is to take be able to receive articles in one of these languages, translate it and deliver in template that will be provided by us.
Need the person who is financial information savvy, so that there is no need for additional explanations of basic (and bit advanced) economic / financial terms.

The job will be on daily basis, you receive material at certain time and you deliver it in the same day.

Multiple payment modalities, negotiable.

Please present yourself, tell me more about you, show your references / portfolio and lets catch up to see if there is a place for cooperation.


Ivica Ilic

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