Chinese to French phrasebook translation (native French speaker only)

Chinese to French phrasebook translation (native French speaker only)

Posted: Nov 07, 2016 05:33
**REPOSTED JOB. If you applied to our old posting, feel free to re-apply!

We have a short Chinese phrasebook that needs to be translated into French.

There are 390 phrases (about 3,100 words) to be translated in the phrasebook. The content consists of everyday, commonly-used phrases used when traveling (asking for directions, booking a place, etc.).

Each Chinese phrase needs to be translated into the target language, and some phrases would also need to be literally translated to show the actual sentence structure. The translation will be used by native speakers of the target language who are learning Chinese (i.e., native French speaker who wants to learn Chinese).

If you are also fluent in English, you can refer to the existing English translations as a guide/example for the type of translations we are looking for (especially for the literal translations). A few of the basic phrases that have already been translated into French (from our main phrasebook) are also included as an additional example. NOTE: You MUST translate based on the source Chinese phrases and not the English translations.

We are looking for NATIVE SPEAKERS of the target language who are fluent in Chinese, or someone who is bilingual (or multilingual).

We will send the phrasebook (in Excel format) only to shortlisted applicants.

When applying, make sure you provide the information requested in our screening questions. Also, please give us a quote or estimated rate and timeline for the phrase/word count mentioned above.

If all goes well in this job, we will surely re-hire you for more translation work, once we are ready to expand our phrasebook.

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