English to Norwegian(Nynorsk) Translation

English to Norwegian(Nynorsk) Translation

Posted: Nov 03, 2016 04:52
We're an app development company specialized in AAC apps (Augmentative and Alternative communication). Our apps are used by people with disabilities who needs supports to be able to communicate, like people with autism, aphasia, MND, ALS....
We are now working on translating in Norwegian(Nynorsk). Our Norwegian(Nynorsk) market is also growing so we do a lot of communications in Norway, like mailshots, social media posts, videos, user guides...

Our rate is $0.05/word. Depending on the apps and marketing projects going on, the salary by month can go between $30 to $300.

Right now we need around 300 words to be translated , and more translation will be requested before the end of the month.

We are looking for a translator:
- available on regular basis, as we can have new text to be translated every 2 or 3 days.
- with an iPad, that should be at least on iOS8 (so you can review the apps in there context)
- If we request any app translation, the review of the translation should be included in the cost
- Familiar with Apple
- Someone who understand the AAC industry would be a plus.

We are sending translation by Google docs Or Emails, and pay on UpWork everytime we ask for new translation.

We will have a Skype call with the selected translators before the final selection.

Kind regards

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