Translate website copy: Dutch to (US) English

Translate website copy: Dutch to (US) English

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 12:35
Background: Werkspot is a people marketplace, where home owners in need of a service can place a project, and service professionals can respond to these projects.

I need a translator to translate 124 short introduction texts (approx. 120 words per text) from Dutch to (US) English and 200 short form labels.

The pages that need translation are landing pages that give a short introduction about a service (like Plastering), and the form labels are the labels/questions in the form that need to be filled out by the home owner posting a project.

Attached is a sample from a landing page.
All copy (strings) will be delivered in Excel format, with URLs so the context can be viewed for translation.

Translators who have experience with Home improvement services (construction, repair and other home services) are preferred.

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