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Translating an Android app from English to Hindi

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 05:00
I'm looking for someone who can translate an Android app from English to Hindi.

- fluent both English and Hindi
- experience with Android apps (regular user will be OK)

Text for the app consists of a title, description for Google Play and all the text inside the app, like buttons, dialogs, menu items etc.
That is why we expect from translator to have an experience with mobile Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We want to be assured that we will get more Android-app like translation rather than direct translation of the word meaning.

For instance, there is a type of device lock called pattern or pattern lock (when you turn your device ON you need to draw a pattern by connecting several dots to unlock). It is not guaranteed that direct translation of the word 'pattern' is commonly used in this case, rather check how it's called in your Android device. Also, the word 'Theme' that is commonly used to change appearance or colorize the app.

The text is 3 674 words or 21 900 characters (counted in MS Word)

Please provide a time frame and desirable fixed price.

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