basic research

basic research

Posted: Nov 02, 2016 07:57
Hi all,

I need to collect over 30- 40 English horror or thriller novels that contain fear anger and sadness metaphorical expressions. However,  half of the collected translated into Arabic novels must be done by male translators and the other half by females. The original source will be English and the target Arabic

Suggestions of authors:
Stephen King
Joe hill
Paula Hawkins
Richard Matheson ..etc.

A time table is required with the following:
1. The Title of English novel
2. Name of author of English novel
3. Gender of the Author of English novel
4. Publisher of the book
5. Direct links of the ORIGINAL (English novel) in Pdf or plain text format.

6. The Arabic Translation of the English Source text
4. Name of the translator of the Arabic translation
5. Gender of that translator
6. Background of that translator
7. Publisher of the book

Example: English novel: the lost symbol by Dan Brown Arabic text translated by Zeina Jaber Edrees. In addition to all the above listed details.

I'm a student and for me  time is money!
This will be my data for the study. I'm busy reading books. I need someone who could deliver this work in a short period of time.

Notes to consider please read:
2/ Only Arabic speakers could do this.
3/Willing to take non-Arab female translators as target texts.


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