Need someone that speaks fluent Romanian language.

Need someone that speaks fluent Romanian language.

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 05:30
We need someone preferably from Romania that speaks Romanian language as his/her natural language to help us translate some texts from a Lander page.

We have done the translation with google translator but doesn´t sounds natural and fluent...

It's aprox. 350 words (2000 characters)

Its a really easy job, that every one can do it in under 30 minutes, we don´t need a professional translator for this kind of work, so if you have correct grammar and speak fluent Romanian, please send your offer.

Some example of the translations that need to be done:

How is the proccess:
1) we send you a txt file with the following information:
2) (this is an example of the phrases you will need to translate, as you see this is an easy job!)
Original: “Your phone could be infected with a virus, you may need an antivirus software”
Translation: “”
3) Under Translation: "" (here, you just put the translation text)
4) Job is done!

tx, and have a nice day!

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