Interviewing English-speaking children in Israel from general population

Interviewing English-speaking children in Israel from general population

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 02:03
Dear translators/linguists
My name is Mouad Khateb . I run Oroba ( , sepcialising in linguistic validation of QOL / PRO questionnaires.
I have a record of more than 40 job hires and on Upwork (and previously on Elance). Please feel free to check my profile and job history as well as the feedback I received from freelancers.

This is my LinkedIn profile

I need a translator (background in linguistics is a plus) who is based in Israel , preferably in the area of Nazareth Illit, to conduct interviews with people who answer the following criteria:
15 children English native speakers from the general population in 3 groups:

5 children ages 5-6 with caregiver present  
5 children ages 7-17 with caregiver present
5 caregivers of children less than 5 with caregiver present

Those subjects must be speakers of English, whether they were born in Israel or abroad is not important. They must be a mix of males and females. They can be any children , including your relatives or children you personally know, as long as they agree to participate.
In simple terms, the aim of the interviews is to ensure that a certain medical questionnaire we are preparing is clear enough and understandable for the children.
A sample of the questionnaire is attached.

Please note: THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATION JOB. The documents you will be provided with are in Hebrew.

Each interview will take less than 30 minutes (the questionnaire is very short).
Full information about conducting the interviews will be provided.

Our budget for this project is a lump sum of $500 - $700

If you are interested, please:
1- Give your best flat rate
2- Attache your most recent CV (in English) and samples of previous work you did.
3- Provide a brief summary of your experience (if not included in your CV), especially if you have a relevant cognitive debriefing experiencing .

Since this is quite urgent, please send your mobile number when you propose, so that I can call you to discuss the work.

If you are also a native Hebrew speaker (bilingual Hebrew and English) , please let me know . I have another project with the same exact requirements, but it's in Hebrew and intended for Hebrew speakers based in Israel.

Thank you !

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