English to Chinese translation / articles

English to Chinese translation / articles

Posted: Nov 01, 2016 04:15
Native Chinese speakers are required. The selected writer would have the following task:

- To translate the content of 2 given articles for evaluation of skills. Each article is written in English language and contains up to 500 words (in average 300-400 words). The translation should be done in high level Chinese in terms of grammar and phrasing, while the original article's meaning, high style, terminology and order of information presentation should be maintained when translating the content.

- High level of Chinese language proficiency and syntax should be applied. High style of expression and sentence structuring is needed as well as extensive opus of high level wording. The original word count of the article, when translated must not be decreased.

The articles belong to the section of medical writing and cover fields such as symptoms, first aid, vitamins, visits, diagnostics. What is important to have in mind is that each of the articles are intended to be read by individuals who aren’t medically educated, rather are either patients or want to learn more on the covered subject of the article.

Each candidate would be given to translate 2 sample articles (1 article + 1 contact form) by 02.11.2016 in order for the language and translation skills of the candidate to be evaluated before hire.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The sample articles are used to evaluate the language and writing skills of the candidate in terms of what is required in the task. This task is the beginning of a project where the selected candidate would be given a group of medical articles to translate including content of a medical website in English.

We are open to discuss proposals regarding payment in the project phase.

Should you need some clarifications, be my guest.

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