English to French Translator - Niche Romance

English to French Translator - Niche Romance

Posted: Oct 31, 2016 01:40
You need to have taken the Upwork/Odesk English to French translation test. Due to updated rules I can't ask for a sample up front but be aware if you apply I will follow up with a short sample to be translated which will be checked for accuracy and style. I don't want an exact literal translation. You need to be a native French speaker that is fluent enough in English to have a good grasp of the source material.

Please bid on one 5k word story so I know your per story rate. If the story is over 5k words you will be paid the overage as a bonus and it will be based on a percentage of the per story price. For instance if the story was 6k words that would be a 20% increase so I would take 20% of your rate and give it to you as a bonus to cover the extra words.

We have about 500 ebooks published in various languages. We are always having new English stories written for us so this would be a long term position for the right person. One of my translators has worked with us for several years now. I need someone that can consistently give me at least one story every other week.

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